Caverns of Gink is platform arcade-style game that puts unique emphasis on the platforms. The player must run and jump, changing the color of the platform as he moves, until he has covered the entire level. A green arrow passes from the right side of the screen to the left, threatening to end the game if it makes contact with the player.

Tony Ginko programmed Caverns of Gink in the BASIC programming language in 1985 and distributed it as freeware. After uploading it to a single Bulletin Board System, it began to spread around the world on its own. The game play was so addictive that it continued to find its way to new audiences, despite having minimalist graphics and only four levels!

The game has been classified as “abandonware” for many years. While the original version can only be played today using a DOS emulator, this website hosts a browser-based HTML5 remake programmed in JavaScript. The goal is to keep the game alive and to give it a chance to continue finding new audiences. Young programmers who are interested in making games may be inspired by the simplicity of Caverns of Gink, and realize that they too have the potential to make a great game.