AUGUST 3, 2016

We have depth!  The latest addition is scrolling foreground and background, it feels like we’re underground now instead of just hopping around platforms.


Pretty !!

Another addition, double-tapping the down arrow will drop you straight down one level, very handy for dodging the arrow and getting around the screen.

MAY 16, 2016

Added screen coloring, the green arrow, and several bug fixes.  COG2 is taking shape and let me tell you, zipping away from the arrow with the grapple is a lot of fun.

Arrow ? Shmarrow ... !

The grapple pulls you upward, during the grapple retraction, you can let go and fire off another shot while in mid air. If you hang on for the duration, you are released with a jump that puts you on top of the platform the grapple connected to.

Still much to do, but we are progressing at a fairly good pace.  We will be looking for a few good beta testers soon.  Please comment if this is something you would want to be a part of.


MAY 3, 2016

Grapple testing is underway !   For those who remember the original, you were limited to a very small jump to avoid the deady arrow.  We’re still tweaking the physics to make sure we have a good flow and control, but now you should be able to zip around the screen like never before.


Tarzan meets Batman meets Spiderman…  Tarzaspidabatman?

Stay tuned for more updates…!


APRIL 28, 2016

Progress!  We’ve sucessfully added character animation, and are currently in the process of implementing a working grapple.  This will create some memorable on-screen action as well as get you from A to B (via X & Y) much faster than just jumping.

What a long strange trip it’s been …



The sequel has begun !  In a joint effort between Ryan Cook and Tony Ginko, Caverns of Gink 2 has begun development.  The game will be based on the original with some new features including a level editor, power ups, lava, more dangerous enemies and a grapple.  We welcome any comments or suggestions — there’s a chance your idea may be utilized in the sequel !

This page will keep you up to date on the progress of the game, and will have screen shots, much like this one :


The grapple will allow the player to quickly maneuver upwards, an early release will result in a long jump while releasing at the end of the line, the player will fall straight down.

Another major change to the game play :  Instead of working on one room at a time, we’re thinking each level will consist of multiple rooms, side scrolling, and a few below (where the real danger is).  Once all explored you will be presented with a key to the next level.


Tentative beta release : JULY 2017